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Chess Explorer 6.3
Poland  Chess Explorer 6.3

ChessExplorer 6.3
ChessExplorer is a Windows software (Win32) with full graphics interface, principally designed to solving orthodox chess problems: direct mates, selfmates, helpmates and also seriesmovers.
Generally, ChessExplorer is created to test all possible moves and to find exactly all solutions that exists (mode "brute force" - using big force of modern computers).
This principle isn't violate by added some "bits of intelligence" (for exemple, a side who defends to mate, "remembers" his good, already verified moves, and he doesn’t need test every time all posible moves).
  • can find mates/selfmates/helpmates in any number of moves, up to 63
  • preview and import/export FEN position ( *.pgn, *.epd, *.fen files )
  • 17 notation's languages (Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Hungarian, Icelandic, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Spanish, Swedish )
  • "Men move" - select first move to test
  • can stop and save the state of analysis in order to continue later
  • show time, progress, number of testing moves and speed (moves per second)
  • can move, rotate positions and print diagrams
  • quickly installation, simple and intuitive usage.

MateMaster 1.5
Germany  MateMaster 1.5

MateMaster 1.5
MateMaster was made for solving chess problems. MateMaster is not meant to be a spoiler, but is intended to be useful for chess problem developers, publishers and solvers to check for the existence and uniqueness of solutions. The board is easily set up using the mouse. MateMaster finds strictly all solutions that exist. Export or print images of your board setup.

France  Problemist

Problemiste is a shareware program entirely dedicated to the chess problem.

     Program Features:
  • Solves orthodox chess problems: direct mates, helpmates, selfmates from 2 up to 6 moves.
  • Writes and prints the solutions with many options.
  • Prints diagrams (after installing the TT font in the windows/system directory).
  • Manages archives which can contain thousands of problems.
  • And many other features (twins, searching of positions, etc...).
  • Problemiste supports English, French, Italian and Spanish languages.
  • PGN & EPD Import / Export.
  • BDF & Alybadix Import.
  • French help file.

Finland  Alybadix v.2010 
by Ilkka Blom
Last updated: 2010-06-18

United States  California  Chess Problems by Computer 
by François Labelle

Germany  Chest 
by Heiner Marxen
Last stable version: 3.19 (1999-12-18)

France  Euclide 0.98 
by Etienne Dupuis
Last stable version: 0.93

France  Natch 2.4 
by Pascal Wassong
Last stable version: 2.4

Germany  Web-Abfrage der Nalimov Endgame Tablebases 

France  WinChloe 
by Christan Poisson

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