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Uruguay  365Chess.com
Biggest Chess Games Database Online.


Argentina  Ajedrez de Estilo
Games from recent tournaments.

Netherland  At-Krays.com
Main Page - http://www.at-krays.com/chess.html
The purpose of this this-site is to make a database with chessgames available for downloading. At this time there are 17097156 games in the database.

United States  Washington  Cap.connx.com
Main Page - http://cap.connx.com/
Opening A00-A99 - http://cap.connx.com/a-openings/
Opening B00-B99 - http://cap.connx.com/b-openings/
Opening C00-C99 - http://cap.connx.com/c-openings/
Opening D00-D99 - http://cap.connx.com/d-openings/
Opening E00-E99 - http://cap.connx.com/e-openings/
Large database regularly updated.

  Chess5 - Share Your Games with your Friends
Main Page - http://www.chess5.com/
Use Chess5 to keep track of your chess games! With Chess5 you can store your chess games online and send them to your friends, or let other members evaluate your chess games.

Netherland  Chess Analyses
Chess analyses by Jan van Reek.

Malta  Chessbites.com  Chessbites.com
A new, very interesting, chess database by Timothy Mifsud.
(Games: 4,200,000+ / Updated weekly)


Chessbase  United Kingdom  01 - Chessbase - English page  
Chessbase    02 - Chessbase - Pagina Española  
Chessbase  Germany  03 - Chessbase - Deutsche seite  
Main Page - http://www.chessbase.com/
Download Page - http://www.chesslive.de/

ChessBase is a multi-featured chess database program.

Chessbase News

Germany  Chess Database
This chess database (containing 37,000,000 chess positions out of 500,000 games and 700,000 computer analyses) annotates your chess game or position with reference games, sorted by strength of players.

Chess Database

United States  Colorado  ChessGames.com
Chessgames.com is a database of historical chess games (over 378,000) combined with discussion forums. Regularly updated. Search by player, opening, year, or other categories.

Germany  Chess Games Links by Lars Balzer
Five CDs or one DVD with 3000 MB of chess data.

United States  California  Chesslab
Main Page - http://www.chesslab.com/
Download Page - http://www.chesslab.com/PositionSearch.html

Java based interactive search, analysis of 2 million chess games. Search games by position, players' names, years, etc. Regularly updated.

Norway  ChessLib
Main Page - http://www.chesslib.no/
Download Page - http://www.chesslib.no/dl.asp
A great collection of 2,000,000 of chess games sorted by ECO codes.

Bulgaria  ChessMix.com
ChessMix.com offers a collections of recent tournament games. The games are updated every 10 days. The latest file is downloadable free of charge.

  Chess Mosaic
Main Page - http://www.chessmosaic.com/
A new interesting online datatbase by Dusan Stamenkovic.

Russia  ChessOK!
Main Page - http://www.convekta.com/
Download Page - http://www.convekta.com/commented.asp
Games from recent tournaments.

United States  Pennsylvania  Encyclopedia of Chess Openings
Main Page - http://www.chessopeningspgn.com/chess/Openings.html
Opening A00-A99 - http://www.bookuppro.com/ecopgn/a.html
Opening B00-B99 - http://www.bookuppro.com/ecopgn/b.html
Opening C00-C99 - http://www.bookuppro.com/ecopgn/c.html
Opening D00-D99 - http://www.bookuppro.com/ecopgn/d.html
Opening E00-E99 - http://www.bookuppro.com/ecopgn/e.html
Large database. Games are sorted by ECO codes.

Netherland  Free Chess Databases
(1) Chess matches: López to Kramnik (588 annotated match games).
(2) Many super tournaments from London 1851 to Dortmund 2005 have been annotated.

Germany  Icofy.net
Games from recent tournaments updated every 15 days.

  International Correspondence Chess Federation
Main Page - http://www.iccf.com/
Games Archive - http://gamesarchive.iccf.com/
The Official ICCF Archives pages.

  International Email Chess Group
Main Page - http://www.iecg.org/
Games Archive - http://pasparis.free.fr/index.html
The Official IECG Archives pages.

Italy  Messaggero Scacchi
Main Page - http://www.messaggeroscacchi.it/
Download Page - http://www.messaggeroscacchi.it/archivio/index.html
Games from current tournaments, weekly updated.

  My Chess Database
A fast, online database of of more than 2.7 million games. Search by position or any game attribute.

My Chess Database

Netherland  New In Chess - Nicbase Online
Main Page - http://www.newinchess.com/
Download Page - http://www.newinchess.com/NICBase/

The database contains over 1,000,000 games including all the games that have ever been published in NIC Magazine and the Yearbook (with source indication). You can search the database on various criteria. Regularly updated.

New In Chess

Argentina  NotiChess
Suscríbase a Diario NotiChess y disfrute la mejor información en su email: la más actual, cómoda, económica y de mayor calidad. ...

Poland  OlimpBase
The history of the Chess Olympiads from 1924 onwards.


Austria  G. Ossimitz: Chess Page
(1) Main Page - http://www.uni-klu.ac.at/%7Egossimit/c/chess.htm
(2) Players - http://www.uni-klu.ac.at/%7Egossimit/c/player.htm
(3) Tournaments - http://www.uni-klu.ac.at/%7Egossimit/c/event.htm
A number of game collections, all in Chessbase's CBH-Format, which are annotated with Chess-Supersoftware Fritz ("annofritzed"). More than 50.000 different annotated games of many of the best players and tournaments in chess history.

United States  Massachusetts  PgnMentor - Download Files
Main Page - http://www.pgnmentor.com/
Download Page - http://www.pgnmentor.com/files.html
Download Page - Players - http://www.pgnmentor.com/files.html#Players
Download Page - Openings - http://www.pgnmentor.com/files.html#openings
Download Page - Players - http://www.pgnmentor.com/files.html#events
An excellent chess program that allows searching, viewing, and creation of PGN files. Use it to study thousands of Grandmaster chess games.

United States  Pennsylvania  Pitt Chess Archives
Main Page - http://www.pitt.edu/~schach/Archives/index2.html
Download Page -
(01) Mirror - Schackcentralen.com
(02) Mirror - Chessopolis.com

The largest collection of chess game files on the web. For a better browsing see the mirror sites.

Russia  Russian Chess!
Main Page - http://www.ruschess.com/
Download Page - http://www.ruschess.com/Archive/main.php
A great collection of commented games.

Chess Pro

Germany  Schachakademie
(1) Main Page - http://www.schachakademie.com/start.html"
(2) Eröffnungen
(3) Spitzenspieler
(4) Weltmeister
(5) Weltmeisterschaften
Database with games sorted by ECO Codes.

Netherland  Super Tournaments
Main Page - http://www.endgame.nl/super.htmm
Zip-file con 150 super tornei.

Spain  The Week in Chess
Main Page - http://www.chesscenter.com/
Download Page - http://www.chesscenter.com/twic/twicp.html

Every Monday "The Week in Chess" covers all the latest news and games from international chess. Download the games in PGN or ChessBase format for reading off-line.


Chess Express

Wildchess.org is a free internet based chess database and variant database (atomic, suicide, losers, wild, crazyhouse). It contains games played on servers such as the Free Internet Chess Server (FICS) and famous on the board games.

Belgium  The World Chess Championship
Tutte le partite.

World Chess News

World Chess Events

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