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Alekhine - Rubinstein
(San Remo 1930)
Torneos Históricos
1930 - San Remo (Sanremo)

Alexander AlekhineAron NimzowitschAkiba RubinsteinEfim BogoljubowFrederick YatesCarl Ahues

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FLAG NAME01020304050607080910111213141516TOTAL 
01 Alexander Alekhine11½11½11111111114.0/15 
02 Aaron Nimzowitsch00½1½½½½111111110.5/15 
03 Akiba Rubinstein0101½011½10111110.0/15 
04 Efim Bogoljubow½01½0½1101101119.5/15 
05 Frederick Yates0½0½½110½0111119.0/15 
06 Carl Oscar Ahues00½1½1½010½11½18.5/15 
07 Rudolf Spielmann½½1000½½½11½1108.0/15 
08 Milan Vidmar0½0½0½½½½11½1½18.0/15 
09 Saviely Tartakower0½0011½½½001½117.5/15 
10 Geza Maroczy0½½0½0½½½½½½1117.5/15 
11 Edgar Colle000111001½0½10½6.5/15 
12 Hans Kmoch00100½001½1½0116.5/15 
13 Jose Joaquin Araiza000000½½0½½½½½14.5/15 
14 Mario Monticelli00010000½001½½½4.0/15 
15 Roberto Grau00000½0½0010½½1½3.5/15 
16 Massimiliano Romi0000001000½00½½2.5/15 


San Remo 1930 chess tournament

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In piedi da sinistra: Ahues, Yates, Grau, Maroczy, Kmoch, Romi, Monticelli, Rubinstein, Araiza. Seduti: Colle, Bogoljubov, Spielmann, Alekhine, Rosselli del Turco (ospite), Nimzowitsch, Vidmar, Tartakower.
San Remo 1930 was the first international chess tournament held in the famous San Remo casino. Sixteen chess masters from Europe and the Americas, including the World Champion, played a round robin tournament from 16 January to 4 February 1930. The games were played in the casino during the day, and in the evening the playing hall was used for dancing.

Alexander Alekhine dominated the field with a score of 14/15, 3˝ points ahead of second place Aron Nimzowitsch, and winning the grand prize of 10,000 lire.



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