About Us

Welcome to the internet center of the game of chess. What you will find here will change your understanding of the game of chess for the better. You will find out that you’re getting significantly better in your chess skills with every new blog post that you read on our site. But who are we?

We are a group of chess aficionados – chess is our greatest passion in our lives. We have dedicated a big portion of our lives to understanding this game, ever since we got first captivated by it back when we were kids. After many years of consistent and dedicated practice, we have managed to increase our level of chess knowledge and skill pretty significantly. And going with the maxim that the teacher learns from his students – we have decided to put some of our chess knowledge online.

About us and our blog

about us at world chess linksWhat will you find on our blog? Well, a variety of different things – all related to the game of chess. We’ll start out with the basics – you will learn how to set up a chess table. You will know how to position your pieces on the table, and how each piece moves. Also, you will learn what it takes to mate your opponent’s king and win the game while preventing your opponent from mating your king at the same time. You will learn more about the special moves in chess such as castling, en passant, and promotion. These are the basic mechanics of the game, and in order to be able to play the game, you will need to know them.

Next off, we’ll guide you to a bit deeper understanding of the game of chess. Knowing the basic rules is fine for starters, but you will want to improve your skill with every new game that you play. And there are three main parts of all chess games – the opening game, the mid-game, and the endgame. All of these parts have their own specific rules. You will have to do different things in all of them in order to improve your position and get the advantage over your opponent. You will learn basic, intermediate and advanced strategies on how to do this.

Fun facts and more

But we won’t only drill you about the strategy of chess. We’ll also present to you fun facts about the game’s history. For example, you will be able to learn more about some of the greatest chess masters that have ever lived. Do you wish to know what made Bobby Fischer a legendary player? Or what made Jose Raoul Capablanca’s chess games as “clear as the sky over Cuba”? Well, if you read our blog consistently, you will learn more about all of these things – and you’ll learn many other fun facts of the game of chess.

So, in the end, we recommend you to come and visit our page often. If mastery of the game of chess is your goal, then we think that you will improve your skill by leaps and bounds if you come and read through the blog posts on our page.