chess tactics

Chess tactics that you can use in your game

We all know that chess is a complicated game and that in order to get good at it – we must invest a lot of time in learning the basic concepts of the game so as to be better able to use them to our advantage during any particular game. And one of the most important concepts in the entire game of chess is that of the tactics that you can use in any given game. So, what are some of the most important tactics that you can and should use in chess when you’re given the opportunity?

chess tactics

Tactics in games and gambling

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Chess Tactics – 1

The tactics will give you an opportunity to improve your position significantly in a few moves. One of the most powerful tactics to look out for is the fork. A fork happens when you can simultaneously attack two of your opponent’s pieces. This can be done by any piece of the game. The reason as to why the fork is so powerful is that your opponent will only be able to save one of his pieces while sacrificing the other to you. The most powerful fork that you can make is the so-called grand fork, in which you use your knight to attack your opponent’s rook, queen, and king, simultaneously. If you manage to do this then you have practically won the game.

Chess Tactics – 2

The next tactic is the so-called pin. You will use the pin in a way as to prevent any of your opponent’s pieces to move, because if it moves from its spot, then you will get a chance to attack a much more powerful piece and capture it. A frequent pin that happens in many games is when you will win your opponent’s knight to his queen, with your bishop. If your opponent moves the knight in such a case – then he loses his queen. So, this greatly reduces your opponent’s ability to move around the table, and he will have to somehow fight off your pin before he’s able to move his pinned piece.

Chess Tactics – 3

A discovered attack is exactly what it sounds like – an attack that comes from one piece after you move another. Let’s say that your pawn blocks your own bishop in a diagonal direction. After you move the pawn in any way – you will open up your bishop’s diagonal movements, and now he will attack whatever piece is to be found along those lines. This is a powerful move if you can attack two pieces with the same move – let’s say that you will attack your opponent’s knight with the pawn, and your opponent’s queen with the bishop. If your opponent can’t block with the knight, then he will have to move the queen away from harm and your pawn will take the knight, bringing you to a superior position in the game.

So, there are a few other chess tactics that you will need to be aware of – but these are some of the best. If you learn these, then you will witness a dramatic improvement of your chess game.