secrets of chess

Delving into the secrets of chess

It’s very easy and simple to learn the game of chess. All you need to do for this purpose is to learn the mechanics of movement of the pieces of the board. You will need to know where they stand individually on the board and you will need to know that white always moves first. There are a few special moves that you ought to know, but some novices play chess without knowing what these moves are.

Once you learn all there is about the basics, it would be time to delve a bit deeper into what chess is all about. And the game is one of the most brutal forms of competition between two human beings, sitting opposite from one another – though it may seem tranquil and serene. While the players look peaceful and focused on the game at hand, at the same time there is a great turmoil in their heads. They are trying to think of how to trick their opponent and how to not get tricked in turn. This premise is what makes this game great – it’s a game of the mind, and if you wish to get good at it, then you have to be prepared to think, long and deep.

Anyone can play chess

The best thing about the game of chess is that anyone can learn it and get good at it. It was once considered that only intelligent people can learn how to play chess well – but this is proven to not be the case. In fact, even people of average intelligence can learn to play chess skillfully and they can attain the top rank of grandmaster if they are persistent enough. So, never let “lack of intelligence” be your excuse as to why you’re not progressing with your skill in the game.

secrets of chess

Though there is a lot of thinking in the game of chess, there is also a lot of rote memorization. In fact, it’s estimated that chess grandmasters have up to 10,000 positions memorized in their heads. There are some people that claim that chess is, in fact, a game of memorization and not of thinking up of unique moves. Well, since there are millions of possible moves that you can play in any single game of chess – we beg to disagree with the notion that you won’t be facing an entirely new position in your chess career every once in a while, – which would mean that you would have to think about what to play next. This is a similar approach to many card games rules. You really need to think twice before making a move.

Secrets of Chess – Final Words

Finally, the biggest secret about chess – the one that will make your skill and knowledge of the game skyrocket – is that you should have fun with it. If you don’t feel drawn to the game and you play it only to “look intelligent” in the eyes of others – then don’t waste your time. But if you feel genuinely drawn to the game and you sincerely wish to improve your skills, then chess can give a lot to you. We hope that you will have fun while learning more about some of the deepest secrets of the game of chess.