important tips beginners chess

Important tips for chess beginners

So, you have learned the basic rules and mechanics of the game of chess. You know that white always moves first, you know how the pieces of the board move, and you have even picked up the rules behind the special moves such as castling and en passant. But where do you go from here? After all, being a good chess player doesn’t just mean that you should know the basic mechanics of the game. You will also have to learn about the many intricacies of the game in order to truly reach your full potential in the game. So, below you will find some fundamental tips that will help you get the ball rolling in the process of chess mastery.

The first tip

The first thing that you need to realize about the game of chess is that progress takes time. The fact of the matter is that most people expect to get good at everything they do really fast. And when reality sets in and they fail to improve, they give up altogether. Well, you should know better and give chess time. Of course, related to this is the amount of time you spend in practice. It’s very important to play a lot of chess games if you want to get good at it. It’s okay for you to play against a single person for a while, but make sure to play with other people as well, as everyone has a unique style of play when it comes to chess and this means that you can learn something new of the game from everybody.

The second tip

Related to the first tip is the second – be sure to invest time in learning chess theory. Chess practice is very important, but you must not neglect to learn chess theory as well. One doesn’t go without the other. Of course, you will still make progress if you just play, but if you want to really speed up the progress that you’re making, then you will want to invest some time in learning theory. Buy chess books and see what they are all about. Watch YouTube videos of some of the greatest chess games in history and hear expert commentary on them. Spend time in just thinking about the game of chess and how best you can improve at it. This will make your progress skyrocket.

important tips beginners chess

Always be patient!

Patience is a very important concept in chess. If you don’t have any patience, then it means that you will rush forward in your game and give up your position, so a more patient opponent will know how to take advantage of it. So, don’t try to rush your queen to the middle of the board right at the start of the game. It’s okay – it’s better – to start things off a bit slower. Chess takes patience and if you make your moves steadily and not overly aggressive, then you will find out that you will have a lot more success in the game.
Follow the advice from above and you will find out that your rate of improvement of your chess skills speeds up dramatically.