Learning more about the queen in chess

The history of the game of chess that the queen is the piece of the game that has gotten a tremendous rise in power, sometime in the middle ages. At this point, the game of chess was also known as “queen’s chess” or even “mad queen’s chess” because of this exact fact. Nowadays, the queen remains the most powerful piece of the board.

Each of the players starts the game with one queen that stands near the king. The way to remember where the queen stands on the middle of the board is to remember the sentence “the dress matches the shoes”, so in this way, you will never forget that the queen takes the square of her colour, while the king takes the square of the opposite colour.

Each queen is worth 9 pawns – making it the most valuable piece on the board aside from the king that’s a piece of infinite value. The reason why the queen is so high in value is that of the fact that it can move vertically, horizontally, and diagonally. In this way, it combines the strengths of the rook and the bishop at the same time. So, since this is the most powerful piece on the entire board, it makes sense that you will want to learn how to use it best.

More about the queen

One of the biggest mistakes that novice players tend to make is to draw out the queen very early in the game. The reason for this is that the temptation to use your most powerful piece is big. But this, in most cases, is a mistake. The reason for this, in turn, is the fact that if you draw your queen to the middle of the board, as one of your first few moves, then your opponent may take advantage of this and start attacking your queen while developing his smaller pieces at the same time. He’ll move his knights towards the middle and he’ll open up his bishops while attacking your queen – so your opponent will develop his pieces and you’ll be running away with your queen. So, it’s very important not to get too overzealous with the queen, especially in the opening game.

queen in chess

Because of the fact that the queen combines the powers of the rook and bishop – this makes it the best piece for the purpose of making pins and skewers. Every time you see two of your opponent’s pieces on the same rank, file, or diagonal – an alarm should go off in your brain. There is an opportunity for you to set up a pin or a skewer, and if you’re focused then you may use this to improve your position.

The queen is a very powerful attacking and defending piece, and it can be combined in a great way with the two rooks. You can create the so-called battery of the two rooks and the queen, and use this battery to blast through your opponent’s resistance and to even capture his king.

Learn how to use the queen and your chess results will skyrocket.