Special Moves

The game of chess continues to rise in popularity to this very day. Many people play chess – some people play for fun, others because they wish to get good at it. And some people take chess so far as to make a career out of it. No matter who you are, we think that you will find a way to implement chess in your life – regardless if it’s for fun or for other reasons.

While chess is a pretty simple game, there are certain exceptions to this that you need to be aware of. These are called the chess special moves, and they come to play in certain unique circumstances. The rules of the game get bent in these special scenarios. If you wish to become a chess player with solid skills, then you will have to internalize the special moves in chess.


worldchesslinks special movesThe first special move is that of castling. Of course, most people that have ever played chess are aware of castling, as this is one of the most popular moves. If you haven’t moved your king or your castling rook, if there are no pieces between your king or rook on either side, if neither of the fields over which the king will pass is under attack, and if the king himself is not under attack – then you can switch the places of your rook and your king.

The importance of this move comes into play if you’re trying to protect your king, which is an intention most people have when they are playing chess, especially at the beginning of the game. Also, there is another important reason as to why you’d want to castle – and this is the reason of connecting your rooks. The rooks are much more powerful if they get connected with one another, and there are no other pieces between them. Removing the king as a difficult to move piece will connect the rooks.


The next special move is called promotion. Once your pawn reaches the last rank behind the enemy lines, then it will get promoted. Typically, after the pawn reaches the end rank – it would have nowhere to move. But the special move of promotion will turn the pawn into any piece you want. In most cases, it’s smartest to promote your pawn to a queen – as the queen is the most powerful piece on the board. But there are certain exceptions when you will want to promote your pawn to a knight – when this would mean that you’ll mate your opponent’s king, or that you will capture their queen at no loss for you.

En Passant

The third special move is called en passant. Bear with us, as this move is a bit complicated. This is a special pawn capture, and it can occur only after the pawn In question moves two squares from its starting square. The enemy pawn can then capture this pawn “in passing” as if the pawn in question has only moved one square, and not two. This is a one-time offer though – if you fail to use your chance, then you won’t be able to capture your opponent’s pawn en passant on the next move.

There is one final not-so-special move that we’d like to mention – and it’s the fact that you can move your pawns for two squares instead of one, as their first move.

And there you have it – now you know all of the special moves when it comes to the game of chess. Use them wisely and dominate the game.