Using the king in chess

Chess is a simple game – but a very complex one. It may seem like a contradictory thing to say – but this is not necessarily the case. It takes no more than a day to learn to play chess. And it takes a lifetime to master it. This is what we mean by that. That aside, one of the most important parts of the chess game – and one that many people forget about – is using the king. You can learn all about it below.

Early to middle game

One of the strongest moves that you can make in the opening game when you play chess is castle. There is a special move in chess that you can use in order to switch the rook and king. This will serve to create a fortress of sorts around your king. It will also serve to connect your rooks. But the point of this is to have your king protected at all times. This is a dangerous time to leave your king open. This is due to the fact that there are rooks, bishops, knights, a queen, and even many pawns, in-game. You will need to be wary about them – as the worth of your king is priceless. If you lose it – then you lose the game. So, the main point of this section is to keep your king safe and protected in the early-to-middle game.

king chess

Late game

This is where most people make bad moves when it comes to their kings. This is mainly due to the underlying philosophy that the king should be protected at all times. However, this fails to acknowledge the attacking and defending potential of your king. It can move one square in all directions – and it captures in all directions. Does this sound like something that you may need to use? Of course it does – and this is especially the case in the late game. This is due to the fact that there are not many pieces to be wary of in the late game. It’s now the time to open up your king.

One of the most important things that you could do with your king is to advance your pawns. If you know how to do this – then it will win you countless games. Many games tend to end with your opponent having only his king – while you have a pawn and king. And vice-versa – you may be the one with just the king, while your opponent has a pawn and a king. Knowing how to manoeuvre these situations is critically important for all chess players.

Using the King in Chess – In conclusion

The king is very vulnerable in the beginning-to-mid game. But later on, it becomes a powerful weapon. Learn how to use it and you will skyrocket your success in chess.